Fire Prevention

Alabama Fire PreventionDebris Burning Guidelines

The Albertville Fire Department will issue permits to burn open fires for reasons such as burning limbs, leaves, straw, garden spots, hay fields, yards, etc. as long as there is not a "No Burn Order" from the State Forestry Commission, the Fire Chief, or the Fire Marshal or if the Shift Supervisor determines that conditions are such that it may be unsafe.  

Call 256-891-8230 to obtain your Burn Permit.

Fire Sprinkler System Protection


Education is the key to preventing fires and the Fire Marshal provides fire prevention classes for adults and children. To schedule a fire prevention class, contact the Fire Marshal office.

Escape PlansHome Fire Escape Map

Take the time to create an escape plan (PDF) and conduct a fire drill at your home or business to make sure that everyone gets out quickly in case of fire. Use the picture to get started with your escape plan today.