Fire Marshal


The Fire Marshal’s office is responsible for the inspection and review of businesses, building plans, and fire code compliance.  This is accomplished through code compliant plan reviews and inspections for new structures, annual fire inspections, and business inspections.

Through these inspections, our intentions are to protect business owners from potential fires before they occur and to protect the public while on these premises.

We are also responsible for investigating the cause of fires and conducting fire prevention activities throughout the city.

We currently use the following code books:

  •  2021 International Fire & Building Code.
  • 2021 Life Safety Code

All food trucks must be inspected before licenses are purchased.

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Knox-Box Rapid Entry System

Knox Box Website Opens in new windowKnox-Box Rapid Entry System (PDF) is a small, wall-mounted safe that hold building keys for Fire departments, Emergency Medical Services, and sometimes police to retrieve in emergency situations. It can simplify key control for local fire departments. It can also cut fire losses for building owners since firefighters can enter buildings without breaking doors or windows. It can also reduce the potential of a firefighter being injured forcing entry.

  • All New Business Construction in Albertville that has fire alarms and sprinklers are required to have a Knox Box
  • For more information on the Knox box please call 256-891-8235 or email Deputy Fire Chief/Fire Marshal Brent Ennis

Pre Fire Plan

Pre-Fire Plans

The Albertville Department is working hard to get around to all City buildings to do pre-fire plans. Pre-fire plans are drawing and mapping the buildings to show the layouts and exits in case there is ever an emergency to help rescue someone or get a firefighter out of a burning building.

We also make note of all the utility shut-offs, hazards, sprinkler systems, etc. If we have not been to your business yet and you would like to schedule a time for us to come out, please give us a call at 256-891-8230