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The City Council is responsible for establishing and approving the number, level, and budget for authorized positions within the organization.

The Mayor is the chief administrative officer of the City and is responsible for implementing the directions of the Council and management of all day-to-day operations of the municipality.

The Human Resources Department is responsible conducting the employment process in a manner that complies with State and Federal Laws, City Policy, and the directives of the Council and Mayor.

The objective of the employment process is to recruit, employ, and retain the most qualified candidate(s) for each approved, budgeted vacancy in a timely manner. Human resources acts as a resource to department management to facilitate the employment process.

Each job is classified into an approved pay range that has twelve steps.

The City of Albertville follows an internal posting process for all full-time vacancies to provide existing employees the opportunity to identify and be considered as a candidate for budgeted vacant positions. This policy normally results in the selection of existing employees to higher-level positions within a department or citywide. New employees normally enter a department in an entry-level position and then have the opportunity to be considered for higher-level jobs based on qualifications and performance.


What to bring on your first day of employment: In order to complete your new hire paperwork, please bring the following with you on your first day of work:

Valid/Current Drivers License

  1. Social Security Card, Birth Certificate, or unexpired passport in order to complete the I – 9 form to verify employment eligibility in the United States.If you do not have any of these documents contact us for assistance.
  2. Full Time Employees Only: Dependent and beneficiary information for health insurance and retirement benefits
  • Name of all dependents and beneficiaries
  • Address
  • Birthdates of all dependents and beneficiaries
  • Social Security numbers for all dependents and beneficiaries
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Social Security Cards for dependents
  • Birth Certificates for dependents