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  • Classified jobs have twelve grades and seventeen steps. Hourly rates on this scale range between $8.55 and $23.25. Merit raises are given at the discretion of the Mayor. Only those that have a satisfactory annual review are eligible for merit raises. Employee performance is reviewed annually.
  • All employees participate in direct deposit.


**Changes to LGHIP Coming in 2016**

The City of Albertville strives to provide employee benefits, which enhance productivity, ensure health and safety, and create a family-supportive work environment. Benefits Overview

  • Health & Dental Insurance - Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Alabama for Health and Guardian for dental. Employee health insurance is split 80/20 with the city. The city pays 80% and the employee pays 20% no matter if is single coverage or family coverage. 
  • Retirement - The City of Albertville participates in The State of Alabama Retirement System. Both the City and the employee contribute a percent of his/her pay each pay period. Life insurance is included as part of the retirement program.
  • Annual Leave:
    4 hours per month, 1 month through 2 years of service
    8 hours per month, 2 years through 10 years of service
    12 hours per month, 10 years through 20 years of service
    16 hours per month, 20+ years of service
  • Holidays
    10 days paid annually for recognized holidays
  • Sick Leave
    A full-time employee accrues 8 hours per each full month of employment.
    Sick leave need not be used within any specific time, and may be accumulated without a maximum for those employees hired prior to October 1, 1990, and accumulated with a maximum of 480 hours (12 weeks) for those employees hired after October 1, 1990. Temporary employees shall not be eligible to earn sick leave.
  • Other Benefits
    • Leaves of absence including: Family Medical Leave, Military Leave, Civil Leave, Bereavement Leave, and Emergency Leave
    • Workers Compensation Coverage
    • Drug-Free Workplace Policy
    • Equal Opportunity Employer
    • Consistent work schedules


All forms must be returned to Human Resources located at City Hall.

Federal W-4 Tax Form
State A-4 Tax Form
Change of Address
Prescription Claim Form
FMLA Leave Form


Johnna Perkins
Benefits & Payroll Clerk
116 W. Main Street 
P.O. Box 1248
Albertville, AL 35950