Demographic Data

Trade Area

Several factors contribute to the belief that Albertville’s trade area encompasses a 20 mile radius:

  • Geography of the area
  • Proximity to rural counties
  • Intersection of U.S. Highway 431 and AL Highway 75 at city center
  • Highest traffic counts in the County
  • Albertville’s industry base
  • Commute patterns

Based on a thorough analysis of the market, it is clear that the citizens of Marshall County as well as portions of DeKalb, Blount and Etowah Counties travel to Albertville to work, shop, dine or conduct personal business. Therefore serious consideration should be given to the area extending beyond Albertville’s city limits to accurately assess the market.

Regional Trade Area

Category Number
Population 130,125
Households 49,215
Average Age 39.80
Median HH Income $42,465
Average HH Income $58,658
Per Capita Income $22,397
Daytime Population 119,613

Albertville, AL Demographic Date Brochure

Population Density

Of the 67 counties in the State of Alabama, Marshall County is ranked 10th in population density with 164 people per square mile.

Drive TimePopulationAvg HH Income
10 MIN38,842$55,554
20 MIN74,093$57,440
30 MIN107,742$58,209

RadiusPopulationAvg HH Income
10 Mile70,427$57,427
15 Mile101,553$58,306
20 Mile158,574$58,331

Source: NextSite

Age Distribution

Median AgeAge 0 to 17Age 18 to 44Age 45 to 64Age 65 and Over

Household Data

Number Source5 Mile10 Mile20 Mile
2020 Projected Number of Households12,75726,61161,288
Average Household Income$51,378$53,298$53,205
Median Household Income$39,882$38,422$39,349
Median Housing Value$168,826$172,691$153,073

Daytime Employment

Number Source5 Mile10 Mile20 Mile
Total Businesses1,5422,9905,545
Total Employees18,64533,20654,643

Largest Employers

Tyson Foods1,016Poultry
Wayne Farms1,000Poultry
Albertville Quality Foods1,000Poultry
Albertville City Schools554Education
Mitchell Grocery535Grocery Distribution
Progress Rail502Railroad and Locomotive
Mueller490Fire Hydrants
Emmaus Foods481Poultry
Colormasters357Plastics Manufacturing
Newman Technology284Automotive Supplier
Huhtamaki173Mold Fiber Products
Southern Parallel120Forestry Products
Paragon90Wall Décor
B&G Supply95Transportation/Trucking

Additional Data


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