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In the heart of Sand Mountain, on the streets of downtown Albertville, Alabama, there is a place to Mingle Together Now.

Mingle – to interact in company with others

Together – into or in one gathering place

Now – at the present time or moment

Welcome to the Downtown MTN (Mountain) District, Albertville’s arts and entertainment district.

Filled with locally-owned eateries, boutiques, coffee shops & bakeries, an up-and-coming local brewery, and a prohibition era “speakeasy,” (don’t worry— the locals will share the password with our out-of-town friends!), the Downtown MTN District offers a place to enjoy community. You may now walk among shops and restaurants, gathering with friends, and sharing in the festivities of downtown while enjoying an alcoholic beverage within the approximately three-square block district from one of our licensed retailers.

CoA_MTN District Map_225x225


When you see a MTN District decal in the window of an establishment, you will know the retailer is licensed to sell alcohol. You may purchase an alcoholic beverage and enjoy it within the location, or you may exit and enjoy your beverage while you walk around the MTN District.

CoA_Window Cling_Cream Rectangle_Virtual Sample

If you are enjoying a beverage and choose to enter another MTN District decal retailer, according to Alabama ABC law, you will need to finish or dispose of any alcoholic beverages before entering this licensed alcohol retailer. Alcoholic beverages consumed within a licensed retailer establishment (MTN District decal establishment) must be purchased from that licensed retailer according to ABC guidelines and served in a special MTN District cup.

CoA_Cup Decal_Combined_Virtual Sample

As you enjoy the shops, eateries, and events within the MTN District, you can enjoy your alcoholic beverage. You can reference the detailed map of the district above to help guide you, and boundary decals on the sidewalks will guide you when you are entering or exiting the MTN District.CoA_Outdoor Decal_White Cloud Cut Arrow_3x3

Please feel free to contact the City of Albertville Communications office with any questions:

(256) 891-8202