Education & Training

  1. City Schools
  2. Area Colleges

Three story school buildingAlbertville City Schools

Albertville City Schools currently serves over 5,000 students in Pre-Kindergarten through 12th grade at six schools:

  • Big Spring Lake Kindergarten
  • Albertville Primary School (1st and 2nd grades)
  • Albertville Elementary School (3rd and 4th grades)
  • Evans Elementary School (5th and 6th grades)
  • Albertville Middle School (7th and 8th grades)
  • Albertville High School (7A, 9th through 12th grades)

In addition, over 90 Pre-Kindergarten students are served at the Albertville Early Learning Center on the campus of APS/AES.

Innovative Programs/Accomplishments

  • 94% Graduation Rate
  • $2,519,189 in scholarships offered to 2015 Seniors
  • Career and technical courses at Albertville High School leading to credentials:
    • AgriScience
    • Commerce
    • Culinary Arts/Hospitality and Tourism
    • Health Science
    • Information Technology
  • Advanced Placement (A plus College Ready Cohort VIII grant recipient)
  • Dual enrollment/Early College opportunities
  • 11 Pre-AP courses taught in grades 6 through 10
  • Music education at all grade levels (award-winning band and choral programs)
  • Art education in grades 1 to 2 and 7 through 12
  • Little Aggies Theatre Project for Kindergarten through 12th grade students performs 1 to 2 shows per year
  • Chinese enrichment in grades 1 through 4
  • Keyboarding instruction in grades 3 through 8
  • Gifted programming provided in grades 3 through 6, with additional enrichment opportunities available at all grade levels
  • Current technology integrated into school programs daily through the use of iPads and Chromebooks, using educational platforms such as Google Classroom
  • Alternative graduation pathway offered through Success Program for at-risk students
  • ACS Foundation formed in 2001 to support/enhance school programs has provided over $179,000 in teacher grants, $41,686 in student scholarships, as well as additional support through Ready to Learn fund for student needs