Benefits & Forms


Classified jobs have twelve grades and seventeen steps. Hourly rates on this scale range between $8.55 and $23.25. Merit raises are given at the discretion of the Mayor. Only those that have a satisfactory annual review are eligible for merit raises. 

Employee performance is reviewed annually. 

All employees participate in direct deposit.


The City of Albertville strives to provide employee benefits, which enhance productivity, ensure health and safety, and create a family-supportive work environment. Benefits Overview

  • Health and Dental Insurance - Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Alabama for Health and Guardian for dental. Employee health insurance is split 80/20 with the city. The city pays 80% and the employee pays 20% no matter if is single coverage or family coverage.
  • Retirement - The City of Albertville participates in The State of Alabama Retirement System. Both the City and the employee contribute a % of his/her pay each pay period. Life insurance is included as part of the retirement program.
  • Annual Leave:
    • 4 hours per month, 1 month through 2 years of service
    • 8 hours per month, 2 years through 10 years of service
    • 12 hours per month, 10 years through 20 years of service
    • 16 hours per month, 20 or more years of service
  • Holidays
    • 10 days paid annually for recognized holidays
  • Sick Leave
    • A full-time employee accrues 8 hours per each full month of employment.
    • Sick leave need not be used within any specific time, and may be accumulated without a maximum for those employees hired prior to October 1, 1990, and accumulated with a maximum of 480 hours (12 weeks) for those employees hired after October 1, 1990. Temporary employees shall not be eligible to earn sick leave.
  • Other Benefits
    • Consistent work schedules
    • Drug-Free Workplace Policy
    • Equal Opportunity Employer
    • Leaves of absence including: Family Medical Leave, Military Leave, Civil Leave, Bereavement Leave, and Emergency Leave
    • Workers Compensation Coverage


All forms must be returned to Human Resources located at City Hall.