Street & Pavement Maintenance


The Department is responsible for cleaning and sweeping the City’s streets. The street sweepers are in operation on a seasonal basis. In the spring, city streets are swept several times to clean off the accumulation of debris from the winter months the City’s arterial and collector streets are swept on a monthly basis in the spring and fall. During the summer months, streets are scheduled for sweeping about every six weeks allowing residential to be cleaned every 6 to 8 weeks throughout the year.

To request street sweeping services, due to things such as broken glass or debris in the roadway, please submit an email to Public Services or call 256-891-8250.

Leaf Service

Fall to Winter Leaf Service Truck Runs from November 1st through February 1st; please be sure when sweeping leaves to the streets that you are aware of curb gutters so as to not clog. Leaves are to be bagged at placed at the street all other months.


The Public Services Department is responsible for the maintenance of city roadways in Albertville. The repairs to city streets consist mainly of full depth concrete patching and asphalt overlays.

Scheduled repairs to city streets are prioritized based upon traffic volumes and level of infrastructure deterioration. Employees within the Department perform street maintenance and repair projects during seasonal months which typically run from March to November.

If you see a section of pavement that is in need of repair, please submit a citizen request to the Department.